Every year, we work with photographers, families, and printers to create a school yearbook to help commemorate the school year. It started as a way to honor the 5th graders as they were promoted to middle school, but has grown over the years to include all of our students!


Upload Your Candid Photos

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Please help GLES have an amazing yearbook this year! We need volunteers to help coordinate!

We have 5th grade covered, but we don’t know the younger kids as well, so we need you!


We need at least 5 people, one from each grade (Kindergarten - 4th), to be in charge of that grade. Responsibilities:

1. Verify the student photos match with the students currently in the class

2. Work with room parents to encourage families to send in photos so each grade is well represented

3. Meet with yearbook volunteers to go over multi-age candids.


If you are interested, please contact Amy Knobbs,