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Volunteer Appreciation, 2021-2022

7/7/2022 4:30 pm

Our school would be nothing without the incredible service of our staff, educators, and volunteers. We held a Volunteer Appreciation assembly at the end of the 2021-2022 school year to honor some pretty amazing folks as they move on from our community, hopefully to even bigger and better things! 


Nurse Pat was honored for her unwavering commitment to the health and care of our students. She has always been there to help students who are ill, administer important medications, manage health plans for the school, and has helped us navigate this pandemic. She has done so with an ease and calmness that makes everyone feel better around her. She was presented with a skit, a video, lots of cheers, and the Outstanding Educator Award and certificate. Funds will be donated to the WSPTA scholarship fund in her name. Thank you for taking care of our students, Nurse Pat! Green Lake has been lucky to have you. Enjoy your retirement!

GOLDEN ACORN AWARD WINNERS: Amy Knobbs and Lindsey Winter

We also honored Amy Knobbs and Lindsey Winter for their YEARS long volunteer service to our school. They have both worked so hard over the years doing anything that was needed to help support our school and our students, from PTA treasurer, room parent, and president. Yearbooks, to tree sales, to swim programs. You name it, and they have been there. Both were presented with the Golden Acorn award and certificate, and funds will be donated to the WSPTA scholarship fund in their name. Thank you both for everything you have done over the years. We TRULY couldn't have done any of this without you.

Additionally, we want to recognize the contributions of the many parents of 5th graders and others who will be moving on from GLES but always appreciated, and never forgotten. 

Huge thanks to: 
Cosmina Nistor: auction art organizer and new families liaison for several years
Molly Spence Sahebjami: social justice and equity co-chair for many years
Julia Nash: PTA Board Secretary
Christina (auction co-chair for 2 years)
Sheri Skuja: with Heather Dohan revitalized the Olallie garden with tons of effort
Elizabeth Jeffers: volunteer at swimming, room parent + staff appreciation
Chad Jeffers:  volunteer at swimming + field trips
Dave Jackson: lunch volunteer, also volunteered at swimming and field trips for years
Mary Decker: treasurer for 2 years
Jeff Winter:Tree Sale for years and years and years! Even drove to California to pick up trees for the sale.  (Only outdone by Lindsey who negotiated with the tree sellers and drove to Oregon to pick up trees).  Those Winters!
Mandy Seever: room parent coordinator, president, auction co-chair and basically anything that needed to get done
Angie Sterwald: years of WalknRollathon then Dragon Hunt
Sarah Koenig: tutor at GLES afterschool tutoring
Tonya Namura: yearbook during COVID-19 pandemic!
Gwyn Hainsworth: worked closely with school partner Rising Star Elementary

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