GLES Virtual Science Fair:

Video Submissions of STEM Projects and Research






In the GLES Virtual Science Fair, students will post a video of their STEM project, experiment, or
research to the website using their school log-in.

The final product is a Flipgrid page where all GLES students and teachers can watch and
learn what their peers have discovered! You can comment or ask questions of other
presenters, just like in-person Science Fair. Participants will be entered into a raffle for prizes!


All Students in all grades are welcome to participate, as an individual or in a group.
Submit your video between March 23 – April 6, 2022 at
Ask your Teacher or Room Parent for the Flipgrid Join Code.


Step 1.

Choose your Topic or Question
• Anything that you are curious about! Find ideas in books or using Google.
• It can be a big experiment or project, or simply a question you researched.


Step 2.

Dig in to your Topic
• Question: What do you want to find out?
• Hypothesis: What do you expect to happen or to learn?
• Method: How are you researching or testing your question?
• Results: What did you find?
• Conclusion: Was your Hypothesis right or wrong? What do your results mean? Did this
make you curious about any other questions?


Step 3.

Record your Video
• 5 minutes or less
• Start with a sign listing your Name, Grade, Teacher’s Name, and Project Title
• Include these elements: Question, Hypothesis, Method, Results, Conclusion.
• You can record your voice, show pictures or signs, and/or do a demonstration.


Step 4.

Submit your Video
• Submit at between March 23 – April 6, 2022
• Use the Join Code provided by your teacher or room parent, and sign in with child’s
Seattle Public Schools email address. Access is restricted for privacy and security.


Check out the Flipgrid page for examples by GLES students.

Questions? Contact Kim Decker,
PTA STEM Committee Chair: