About the Green Lake Elementary School
Parent Teacher Association


The mission of the Green Lake Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (GLES PTA) is to promote the education, welfare, health, and safety of all children at Green Lake Elementary School. We achieve this through volunteer support, provision of financial resources, and community building.


The GLES PTA is an all-volunteer non-profit organization comprised of GLES parents and staff members. We work collaboratively with the school administration and staff, as well as district officials, to support school-time activities, after-school programs, and special projects that enrich the lives of our students and community.


A vibrant and effective public school community nurtures and supports every child’s healthy development. The school budget and staff do not have the capacity to provide the extra educational and social emotional support that children should have at the school beyond the standard dollars and hours allotted by the district. This is why the GLES PTA provides resources, funding, time, materials, and expertise to meet our community’s needs. 

Examples include:

  • Fundraising to pay key staff members such as the school counselor, instructional aides, and playground supervisors;
  • Creation and management of a robust after-school enrichment program;
  • Weekend groceries for students and their families who experience food insecurity;
  • Special projects, such as a school memorial to a recently deceased student;
  • Community building activities such as author visits and educational assemblies; and
  • Volunteers who serve as tour guides, accountants, representatives of the school at community meetings, tutors, library helpers, project managers, swim instructors and lifeguards.

The GLES PTA is a longtime member of the Washington State PTA (WSPTA).