Dragon Hunt


The Dragon Hunt began in 2020 when we couldn't get together in person but still wanted a way to connect and create community. Bonus: it gets us out and moving! 

The event was so wildly popular we're continuing it every year. 

When it's Dragon Hunt time, your students will come home with a t-shirt, an envelope (containing 3 sheets of paper) and a uniquely named Dragon.


They can decorate their dragon however they like, and hang in a visible place in the GLES boundary OR along the Green Lake walking path. Families get really creative with this! We've seen Dragons in car windows, on backpacks, in the windows of local businesses, on a utility pole, on your dog (during walks, of course), in your window, etc...you can put it anywhere that is appropriate and can be spotted by passersby.



The 2023-24 Dragon Hunt is TBD...stay tuned!