The Green Lake Drama Dragons


Green Lake Elementary prides itself on working to create valuable multi-arts experiences for its students, and our after school drama program is in a league of its own. With the support of Molly Kerr Goldman and Merissa Goldstein (GoldKerr Productions), our students work hard for months to bring its community a full-scale theatrical experience, complete with beautiful sets, elaborate costumes, lighting and "special effects", and - of course - concessions. 

The performances are free of charge and everyone is welcome. We do ask for a small donation at the door, but only from those who are willing and able. It's not a fundraiser. It's an arts experience, and we hope you'll take part! 



The 2023-24 school year performance of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is coming Feb 8-10. 

More than 50 of our Dragons are performing in Goldkerr Productions' adaptation of this beloved Roald Dahl classic.


SELECT ROLES ROTATE, so if you're coming to see a specific friend in a specific role please confirm with them to know when you should come.


First come first served, so please arrive early to secure your seats.

Suggested donation at the door is $10.


OPENING NIGHT: Thurs Feb 8 6:00pm

Fri Feb 9 7:00pm
Sat Feb 10 matinee 1:00pm

CLOSING NIGHT: Sat Feb 10 6:00pm


See you there!