All of the fun events and programs are only made possible by the support of volunteers.
There is a role for every level of time/energy commitment.


At School

Do you want to volunteer in the classroom, chaperone field trips, etc.?  Seattle Public Schools has moved the application process online.  Not only will this make the application process a bit more "green", the online application can be renewed annually so you will not need to reapply entirely as in the past. 

Please note, the approval process for each applicant is now expected to take upwards of 10 days to 2 weeks.
Please consider taking care of your application as soon as possible to avoid missing out on your volunteer opportunities!


With the PTA

We aren’t sure what this year will look like, but we are working on creative ways to maintain as many of our events and activities as possible so that we can continue to grow our community and keep GLES the lively, active community we all know and love. Our programs can only run with your help! We have a number of positions that are still available.

Click below to let us know what you might be interested in!

PTA Volunteer Information