Volunteer - we need YOU. 

Fun events, school enrichment programs, staff augmentation, and teacher support are only made possible by the volunteer efforts of our community.  We reach our fundraising goals through volunteer support, financial resources, and community building.


There are plenty of ways to lend your support and get involved,
even if you only have a few hours to give.


Volunteer Drive 2023: priority positions we MUST fill before the end of the 2022-23 school year


1st Year President 
The PTA President is the hub for everything our PTA does. They work directly with staff and parents to help set the PTA's agenda, and every other month they run board meetings and general meetings. The President keeps a finger on the pulse of all initiatives underway, and ensures we adhere to PTA bylaws to remain in compliance.

It is a 2-year commitment: the 1st year President learns alongside the 2nd year President for their first year, so they are ready to take over the following year. We have not had a 1st year President so far this year, and the longer we go without filling this role the harder it will be for us to even have a President in the coming year - in which case, we would have no PTA.

We urgently ask you to consider this role; many of our Board and Committee officers are returning next year and we promise to do everything we can to lean in and support you! 

Please email PTApresident@greenlakedragons.org for more information. 

After-School Enrichment Coordinator (part time, PAID) 

Our amazing current coordinator Cory Sebastian will be retiring from the role after this year. The scope of this program is unique to GLES. Most PTAs hire companies to run after school programs that can only register 50 or so students. GLES has at least 200 students registered every quarter! 

The Enrichment Coordinator works with small businesses and instructors in our community to plan and schedule the class offerings. Much of this work can be done at any time via email. Without someone to help, we will not be able to offer after school classes next year. 

Please email enrichment@greenlakedragons.org for more information. 

Volunteer Coordinator

Help us to be more organized and proactive in recruiting and managing volunteers for our many events and programs. We haven't had a Volunteer Coordinator all year, leaving Committees and Board members to fend for themselves. A Volunteer Coordinator can create a much better experience for folks who want to get involved, and will increase our volunteer power exponentially! 

Please email PTApresident@greenlakedragons.org for more information. 


Additional opportunities


Take a position with the PTA Board or Committees
Board and Committee roles aren't all as big a commitment as you may think. Nearly all of us are working parents and we understand that time is limited. We only meet every other month. We do what we can in between. It's fun, it's laid-back, and it will connect you to our school better than anything else. 

View available Board positions >

View available Committee positions >


Volunteer at the school

Want to volunteer in the classroom, chaperone field trips, or join in the fun of our annual Field Day? Even if you're not sure what you might do or when, please fill out the SPS application ASAP so you're prepared when volunteer opportunities arise.
The forms vary depending on the location and type of volunteer service you might want to provide. And, good news: the online application can be renewed annually so you don't have to start from zero each year. 

NOTE: the approval process for each applicant can take 10 days to 2 weeks, which is why we advise signing up now. Thanks! 



Let us know if we can count on you to volunteer! 

Contact the PTA to express your interest