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After School Enrichment 2022-23: It's Complicated

7/7/2022 3:21 pm

Green Lake Elementary prides itself on providing fun and enriching after-school activities for our students. In years past, we've had everything from golf to coding to cooking to chess taking place in the hour after school ends each day. 

The pandemic brought after school enrichment to a grinding halt. We want to bring these programs back as soon as we possibly can, but it may take some time: our vendors need to apply with the District, and as with so many other things the processes are changing and much is still up in the air. 

We'll keep you posted as things develop. For the time being, please know we're making every effort to bring after school enrichment back to GLES and it may take several weeks or months to make this happen. 

If you're passionate about after school enrichment, you can volunteer to help with program coordination! 

Contact Cory Sebastian and the PTA Board at 

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