Social Justice & Equity


Our SJE Chair and supporting volunteers are always looking for ways to strengthen our relationship with our sister school, Rising Star Elementary, and to bring valuable activities and content to our students and community. 

If you want to volunteer or offer an idea, contact or Thanks! 

Some initiatives for the 2022-23 school year: 
Continued partnership with Rising Star Elementary
  • The November Wetlands tour and restoration project was lots of fun; we joined Rising Star to learn and lend a hand.
  • Help plan a 2023 event with Rising Star! Museum trip, spring party, other ideas welcome. 

Used BLM shirt drive

Send in your students’ gently used BLM shirt Nov 28-Dec 2 and we’ll wash it and pass it along!

Black History Month (Feb)
VOLUNTEER: help organize related events for our community!

Parent-focused workshops/ seminars
VOLUNTEER: help organize & promote a seminar on LGBQT issues. Contact our SJE Chairs for more information, we have a lead on this.